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Something for everybody

Almost everyone needs some time out every year. Both families as students, both associations as clubs. We can’t blame them of course! Are you looking for the perfect trip for this year too? Then consider a bus trip and discover our advantages!

Reasons for choosing a bus holiday

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of arguments in favor of a bus trip. First of all, a bus is the ideal way to travel to be environmentally friendly, it is also cheaper than a plane ticket and you don't have to do deal with additional costs. After all, J&J Cars includes all expenses in a fixed price, such as fuel, toll roads and more, so that you don’t experience any unpleasant surprises when you pay.

A large range of destinations

At J&J Cars, you can find a wide variety of destinations. Many clients ask us about popular destinations, such as the Pyrenees and Tyrol during the winter period and the Costa Brava and the Italian Riviera during the summer period. But J&J Cars will take you to any destination you choose, of course, to the extent possible. The Moselle region, Sauerland, you name it: we travel to all destinations, reachable by bus.


Lourdes - France

van 16/08/2019 tot 22/08/2019

With its millions of people each year, Lourdes is the most visited pilgrimage site in the world. Of course, you can visit the shrines with the Basilica and the Maria-cave. But did you know that this small town harbour also has lots of cafes and shops, and that you can also enjoy the beautiful nature in the Pyrenees? A trip you won’t regret.

Our offer

J&J Cars will take you to any European destination where you want to go, at any time of the year. In addition, we also offer organized tours and the possibility to easily register.
Would you be our next passenger? Then take it to the next level by register yourself for an unforgettable bus trip and fill in your details online immediately!


Because pictures say more than words, J&J Cars has bundled some beautiful pics of our loyal customers and passengers into an immersive photo report. Enjoy a look through the camera of our travelers and experience a small piece of their successful travel. Discover for yourself why they have chosen for J&J and why you should choose a memorable trip from us!

Travel Stories

J&J Cars has already many years of experience and has been the organizer of countless trips across Europe. The result? Great memories that have to be shared! Therefore, you can read the best travel stories from our passengers on this page. Are you still in doubt about having us as a partner for your trip? Then our clients their stories will convince you for sure!